Well when you’re me it just makes sense #winner #gaming #indie @GameDesignDan ;)

Take a cheap frame from Ikea, a free poster from a show and wolla! #darksouls #darksouls2 #praisethesun

A Gamer Call to Arms – Take a Stand Against Video Trolling


I totally agree here I was one of the “victims” but I don’t remember being in the video why? Well because I play them at there own game. Still not cool being like that !

Originally posted on Nothing Is True:


Trolling is not a new thing. Recently the media have picked up on it due to high-profile ‘celebrity’ social media cases of it but especially in the Video Gaming community, Trolling…

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Noaksey turned 2 today! Whoop

This is exactly what I really needed today. #firstworldproblems

Well when you’re me it just makes sense #winner #gaming #indie @GameDesignDan ;)

Noaksey, takes a moment to go back and review games. this episode = Tomb of Rooms!!

Thanks I guess !!!

10 Second Ninja – Created by GameDesignDan


This mental, fun, fast Ninja led “Puzzle-Platforming” game is clearly inspired by the likes of Super Meat Boy and other such time attack driven skill games.

The first thing you notice while playing this game is the very colourful atmosphere is, GameDesignDan (GDD) really focuses on the fun aspect of this game which slowly allows you to progress through to the darker more dangerous levels…

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